Mountain snow and seedlings in

Still snowy on top but the glen is greening up and coming alive with visiting lapwings.

Frost and misty mornings with sunrise wonderfully early at 6:53 and birdsong at last leaking through the bedroom windows.

Tomato seedlings going into their new bed ……. amazing to think that they grow into these plump red cushions.

Cut-and-come-again salad and green vegetables just beginning to enliven the greenhouse once more.

May 22nd…..ready to eat now

The greenhouse is looking verdant with increasing produce. ‘Pick your own’ super fresh organic vegetables!

The courgettes are muscling up. Almost big enough to pick soon, however the under planted onions need harvested…still a pound a fistful!

Beans by the handful: The Fasold beans on the wigwams are the most prolific, however there are a few dwarf French beans in the back raised beds worth a look too. 

‘Paris island’ Cos and the Butterhead lettuce, ‘Marvel of Four Seasons’ are ready for early summer salads.

Cabbages are sweet and crisp and ready for harvest too

Early greens available!

Down to the tiddlers of last years onions and welcoming the new crop. 

A fistful for £1.00

Overwintering onions are delicious, especially this early in the season when the green part is so succulent too. Frazzle them gently with some mushrooms and garlic…..add in some chunks of potato for a perfect weekend lunch.

Cabbages, courgettes, lettuce and French beans (had a few pioneers already - delicious) are all on their way to being harvestable. 

Spinach available now - stuff a bag for a pound!!

The tomatoes are thriving - one or two have set already especially on the new-to-us ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’ variety.

Costoluto Fiorentino

Costoluto set and plumping up

Tomato Millefleur, bite size, sweet, orange and profuse

Mediterranean in the greenhouse - April snow outside on the hill!

Hippeastrum ‘Dancing Queen’

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