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Greener building can be viewed in a number of ways and recycling obviously plays an important role. Our granite builds for instance always use reclaimed stone and where possible, Welsh or local Foundland slates for roofing work.

Building materials generally take a lot of energy both to produce and to move around the country. Anything we can do to alleviate this will be beneficial for the environment. We often use locally sourced and sawn Douglas fir, Larch and Oak for example which not only saves on delivery miles but also has the added advantage of contributing to businesses in the local rural economy. 

The energy usage of a building once completed is also critical and high levels of insulation will greatly reduce energy input and also therefore running costs.  However, unless proper care and attention is given during the construction phase to ensure air tightness and lack of draughts, the effectiveness of even the thickest insulation will be nullified.

Finally, the way we heat our homes can further drive down energy consumption and costs . We are experienced in management of heat pump installations, biomass and solar technologies, which all help the building process to be greener.





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