In such an exposed location, the old farm quarry suggested itself as an ideal place for a greenhouse. Facing south east, it catches all the winter sun and as it's sunk into the hillside the other three sides act as a heat store.

We are experimenting with various vegetables and trying to get as close to year round production as possible. Not just vegetables but some fruit trees too....and bananas!

Listed below are many of the suppliers involved in the apologies if I have left you out......please get in touch and we'll add your details.


Enlarging the quarry. Earthworks by 

Ian Anderson 07971041701

Shuttering for the poured concrete walls. 

Afternoon tea discussions.

Mid winter weather is not ideal for building projects!

Boiler and Chip Store

At the Brutalist stage. The separate chip store and boiler room is at the far end behind the dividing wall with the ladder leaning against it. 

Steel work supplied by:-

HardgateSmithy, Migvie,
Tarland AB344XQ

Tel:013398 81356 / 81396

.Giant 4000 litre buffer tank  about to be fettled in the door.

Many thanks to Graham Stuart for all the plumbing work.

General building materials supplied by:


Craigievar Timber 

Bare bones of the chip store (back left) before the wall that separates it from the boiler is built.

The Austrian made ETA Hack 200kW wood chip boiler is installed  and connected to a huge array of dials, pipes and levers. And the internet.

Supplied by:-

Lochaber RuralComplex
Fort William
PH33 6SQ

Telephone: 01397 706412  

Heating Pipes and Woodchip Delivery

Finned heating pipes supplied by:-

Turnbull & Scott
Unit 1a
Burnfoot Industrial Estate

Telephone+44 (0)1450 372053
Fax: +44 (0) 1450 377 800

Early days before the blower lorry was functioning, trailer loads of chips had to be barrowed in  through the greenhouse. A painful procedure in high winds - like working in a very large-grained sand storm.

Wood chips supplied by:-

East Dalfling,
Scotland AB51 5LA 

T/F 01467 651498 M 07739 093510

Newfuel's huge truck now connects it's hose to the access point on the front of the building and rumbles away, blowing chips straight into the store.

Wood chips supplied by:-

NEWFuel Ltd
Netherdale House
AB53 4LE

Telephone:0870 446 0220
Fax:0870 446 0221

Windows and Glass

Glulam beams form the roof and front window structures.

Supplied by:

Lamisell Ltd.
Devon, EX20 3EP

Telephone: 01409 220333
Fax: 01409 220344

Bayliss M7, Triple Spring Auto-vents on the windows react to the temperature in the greenhouse to provide ventillation.

Bayliss Autovents
Lysander Works,
Blenheim Road,
Airfield Industrial Estate, Ashbourne,
Derbyshire DE6 1HA 

Phone. 01335 342981          Fax. 01335 343860

Dutchlight glass panels were fitted at first but were prone to breaking in stormy conditions. 

The new roof glass system has  thicker toughened glass and rubber seals under the Alukap aluminium strips which cap the vertical joins.

System supplied by;

Pinefield Glass 
1 Pinefield Parade 
Pinefield Industrial Estate
IV30 6AG 

Telephone: +44 1343 545222
Fax: +44 1343 542246 

Getting there and working in all weathers.... Bruce King Joinery Ltd.

Locally sourced larch cladding supplied by:

Ian Anderson  07971041701

Surge control, lighting, solar light control, irrigation controls, etc.:-

L & E Fowlie Electrical Ltd
Guise of Tough
AB33 8HU

Telephone: 01975 581 100


Early season carrots

In the main growing season we usually have tomatoes, courgettes, onions, spinach, peppers and aubergines. Plus year round sweetpeas and fresias.

We try various heritage seeds, this is the particularly delicious Royale de Guineaux.

The Organic Gardening catalogue
Telephone: 01932 878570

Real Seeds

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